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Jun 7, 2015


I finally did it. No, I didn't get married or get back in the gym or become vegan (cc Beyonce). I mean't something much more liberating. I finally did the big chop. I've been lingering with the idea of cutting my hair for a very longggg time. Going natural has been something I considered and even tried, but I just never took it seriously. I remember during my junior year of high school, my high school teacher/mentor (hi, ms. Mays Mikell) convinced me to go natural and I said, why not ? I transitioned throughout my senior year until it was time for prom and I wanted my edges laidttt, so I got a perm. Same thing happened last year, I started transitioning around May and it was going well up until my birthday and I was headed to NYC. Side note: I definitely succumbed to society norm of beauty that claims that straight hair is "good" hair and although, I've mentioned it several times that, my black hair is beautiful, I wasn't truly convinced. Insecurities as a result of the media will do that to you. 

Jun 2, 2015


Blogging is so much more easier when you are doing cool things like traveling to Phuket in Thailaind or when you are revealing big, pivotal life events like graduating from medical school or when you are reflecting on really heavy emotional thought. The image is very fresh in your minds and the words pour out of you, effortlessly without a hitch. Your heart is full of strong emotions and its overflowing and you can't help but share. But when you feel like nothing is happening, it's a little bit harder. The words aren't so flowy and your mind is blank and so, you try to come up with ways to explain how hard it was to come up with things to share. That's basically where I'm at today. I'm back at work and everyone/everything is moving slower than a running snail including the wifi (high speed internet ?). Sigh. Where is Friday?

May 30, 2015


I'm about to rant for a few seconds, so please forgive me. It's raining again today as it has for the past 3 weeks in not just Houston, but Texas in general. I know we were in a drought, but look, I'm OVER it. I'm over this moody, gloomy, make-me-wanna-sleep-all-day weather. I'm starting to think I live in Seattle rather than Houston/Austin. I just want to enjoy a full week with no rain and lots of sunshine that isn't in the freaking 90s. Is that too much to ask for ? ughhhh. Ok, that's all. I feel so much better. haha